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Wireless Remote Control for Pallet Wrapper

With this advanced remote control option, you can operate your pallet wrapper from the comfortable and secure cabin of your forklift. Thanks to the wireless functionality, you have full control over the machine, allowing you to work more efficiently and increase productivity.

Key features:

Wireless operation: With this remote control, you no longer need to stand next to the pallet wrapper to operate it. You can control all the functions of the machine from the driver's seat of your forklift, saving you time and effort.

Safety and convenience: By using the remote control, you don't have to constantly get in and out of your forklift to manually operate the pallet wrapper. This reduces the risk of injury and enhances overall workplace safety.

Intuitive operation: The remote control is designed with ease of use in mind. With clear buttons and intuitive functions, you can control the pallet wrapper precisely and effortlessly.

Range and signal strength: The wireless remote control has a wide range, allowing you to operate the pallet wrapper from a safe distance. The strong signal ensures that you stay connected to the machine even in demanding environments.

Compatibility: Our wireless remote control is designed to be compatible with a wide range of pallet wrappers, giving you the option to add this feature to your existing fleet of machines.


Increased productivity: By being able to operate the pallet wrapper from your forklift, you can enhance the efficiency and throughput of your packaging processes.

Time-saving: With the wireless remote control, you don't have to walk back and forth between your forklift and the pallet wrapper, saving you valuable time.

Safety: The remote control minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries by reducing the need to be close to the machine during operation.

Convenience: You can effortlessly control various functions of the pallet wrapper, such as rotation speed, film tension, and end of cycle, all from the cabin of your forklift.

Ready to take control?

Invest in our wireless remote control option for your pallet wrapper today and experience the benefits of efficiency, safety, and convenience. Contact us for more information on compatibility with your specific pallet wrapper and how to integrate this product into your business operations. Improve your workflow and optimize your packaging processes with our advanced wireless remote control for pallet wrappers!