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Built-in frame

Description: Our built-in frame is an essential addition to your turntable wrapper, enabling you to bring the turntable to floor level. This innovative design provides easy access to the turntable, making pallet loading and unloading simpler and more efficient. With our built-in frame, you can improve ergonomics, increase productivity, and ensure the safety of your packaging process.

Features and benefits:

Floor-level turntable: Our built-in frame is specifically designed to bring the turntable of the wrapper to floor level. This reduces the need for step-ups or elevations, enabling effortless and efficient pallet loading and unloading.

Ergonomic benefits: By bringing the turntable to floor level, our built-in frame enhances the ergonomics of your packaging process. It reduces the strain on your employees, helping to prevent fatigue and potential injuries.

Accessibility and efficiency: The built-in frame allows easy access to the turntable, facilitating quick and efficient pallet loading and unloading. This minimizes downtime and increases the productivity of your packaging process.

Safety and stability: Our built-in frame provides a sturdy and stable support for the turntable, enhancing the safety and stability of your wrapper. This results in reliable and high-quality wrapped pallets without the risk of instability or damage.

Application: Our built-in frame for turntable wrappers is suitable for various industries where efficient packaging and palletizing are essential. It is ideal for distribution centers, warehouses, production facilities, and other logistics operations working with pallets of different sizes and weights.

Contact us today to discover how our built-in frame can improve your packaging process and increase efficiency. We are ready to assist you in optimizing your turntable wrapper for maximum productivity and quality.

Please note: Our built-in frame is designed for specific turntable wrappers and may require adjustments or compatibility checks. Contact us for more information and technical specifications.