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CF10 Case erector

The CF10T is a user-friendly machine designed to simplify the case erecting process. With its semi-automatic operation, you can easily retrieve the flat case from the built-in magazine and manually place it into the machine, after which the machine automates the folding and sealing process.


Easy operation: The CF10T is designed for ease of use. You manually place the flat case into the machine, and the pneumatic flap folders at the bottom of the case fold and hold it securely. This allows you to easily fill the case without it collapsing.

Efficient case erecting: Thanks to the pneumatic system, the cases are erected quickly and accurately. With the push of a button or using a foot pedal, the case is pneumatically pushed out of the machine to a connected case sealing machine, which will immediately seal the case.

Versatility: The CF10T can handle various sizes of flat cases, providing flexibility in your packaging processes. You can easily switch to a different case size by adjusting the machine to match the specific dimensions of the case you want to use.

Robust construction: The CF10T is built to ensure long-lasting use and reliable performance. With high-quality materials and a sturdy construction, the machine can handle the challenges of a production environment without issues.

The CF10T Semi-automatic Case Erector offers an efficient and reliable solution for case erecting and sealing. With its user-friendly operation and fast processing, you can streamline your packaging processes and save time. Contact us today for more information or to purchase the CF10T for your company. Our team is ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


Technical data CF10 Case erector

  • Compressed air required: Yes, dry air
  • Machine weight: 80kg
  • Working height: 600 - 700mm
  • Capacity: 6 - 7 Cartons per Minute
  • Box dimensions:
    • Box length: 200 - 600mm, Box width: 180 - 480mm, Box height: 120 - ∞ mm

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