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MH-FJ-3A Carton sealer

The MH-FJ-3A carton sealer with flap folder is an advanced and efficient solution for box sealing. This machine is specifically designed to automatically fold the top flaps of the box before sealing it with tape. With its innovative features and reliable performance, the MH-FJ-3A optimizes your packaging process and saves valuable time and labor.

Key features:

Automatic flap folder: The MH-FJ-3A is equipped with a flap folder that automatically folds the top flaps of the box. This ensures a neat and professional closure of the boxes, eliminating the need for manual folding. The flap folder is designed for smooth and precise operation, ensuring consistent box quality.

Efficiency and time savings: With the flap folder of the MH-FJ-3A, box sealing is significantly accelerated and simplified. The automatic folding function enables fast processing of the top flaps, reducing the overall cycle time. This results in increased productivity and a more efficient packaging process.

Reliability and precision: The MH-FJ-3A carton sealer is known for its reliability and precision. The advanced mechanism of the flap folder ensures accurate and consistent folding of the top flaps of the boxes. This guarantees a secure and sturdy closure, keeping the contents of the boxes well-protected during transportation and storage.

User-friendly design: This carton sealer is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The controls and settings are intuitive and easily accessible, making the machine easy to operate and adjust to the specific requirements of your products. Moreover, the MH-FJ-3A is easy to maintain, with convenient access to parts and quick replacement of tape and other consumables.

Conclusion: The MH-FJ-3A carton sealer with flap folder is the ideal choice for businesses aiming for efficient and professional box sealing. With its automatic flap folder, efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness, this machine provides valuable enhancements to your packaging process. Contact us today for more information about the MH-FJ-3A and discover how this carton sealer can support your business.


Technical data MH-FJ-3A Carton sealer

  • Power Connection: 230Vac / 0,4kW
  • Compressed air required: Yes, dry air
  • Machine weight: 300kg
  • Working height: 500 - 700mm
  • Capacity: 12-15 Cartons per minute
  • Box dimensions:
    • Box length: 150 - 600mm, Box width: 115 - 490mm, Box height: 110 - 490mm
  • Tape: PVC or PP, max. 50mm wide, core 76mm.

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