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The Tapealarm Unit for Carton Sealers is the perfect addition to your packaging line, providing peace of mind when closing boxes. This advanced unit monitors the sealing process of your carton sealer and immediately detects any tape breaks. It also allows you to stay informed about tape consumption through the included light tower, enabling more efficient work and minimizing downtime.

Key features:

Reliable tape break detection: With the Tapealarm Unit, you can rest assured that any tape defects will be promptly detected. Once a tape break is detected, the unit automatically stops the sealing process, saving you valuable time and materials. This minimizes the risk of improperly closed boxes and prevents potential damage during transport.

Light tower for visual alerts: The included light tower offers an intuitive visual indication of tape consumption. When the tape is running low, a clear signal color alerts your operators instantly. This enables them to react quickly and prevent the carton sealer from running out of tape, avoiding costly downtime and increasing productivity.

Easy integration: The Tapealarm Unit is designed for seamless integration with existing carton sealers. It can be easily installed and connected to your current packaging line, requiring no major modifications. Its user-friendly interface makes configuring the unit to your specific requirements a breeze.

Durable and robust: We understand that your packaging process can be demanding, which is why the Tapealarm Unit is built to deliver long-lasting performance. It is made with high-quality materials and components that can withstand heavy working conditions. You can trust this unit to handle the daily challenges of your packaging operations.

Safety and efficiency: In addition to monitoring the sealing process and tape consumption, the Tapealarm Unit also contributes to your employees' safety. By responding promptly to tape breaks, it minimizes the risk of injuries and promotes a safe working environment. Furthermore, it helps your packaging line operate more efficiently by minimizing downtime due to tape breaks.

Invest in the Tapealarm Unit for Carton Sealers today and ensure a reliable and efficient packaging process. Protect your products during transportation, increase the productivity of your packaging line, and minimize unnecessary costs caused by tape breaks. Contact us for more information and discover how this innovative unit can elevate your packaging activities to a higher level.